Question 6:

6.1)   Digital Socialisation refers to the ways that people communicate and the methods they use on the internet. Socialisation refers to the cultures customs, language and their characteristics. (Mitchell, n.d.)

Social media can change communities, their customs and traditions by putting them on a global stage which makes them lose a bit of their value and purpose because it is special to only that specific culture because they understand it and grew up with it. It can also educate people about different cultures to make people understand certain ways. (Digital Citizenship 2017 Student Manual, 2017.)

6.2)   Privacy is an issue with digital socialisation because barriers are being crossed where they shouldn’t be especially with regards to your work and your play activities. You wouldn’t want a friend from work looking at your social media and telling your boss’s what you do in your spare time. (Digital Citizenship 2017 Student Manual, 2017.)