Question 3

Image Source – The Internet of Things

The internet of things is the connection of devices to the internet (Meola, 2016) Business’s need to keep adapting to changes in technology because being left behind may cause the business to lose profits or customers or even important information. Like technology users have the need to feel connected to each other all the time, Businesses will also need to feel constantly connected to their consumers. In South Africa, the government needs to make sure that the infrastructure with regards to internet and technology use can withstand the technological advancements(Zollner, 2016) heading its way. For e.g. South Africa is laying fibre optic cables for consistently faster and good internet connection. (Mitchell, 2017)

In the future, marketing companies as well as cell phone/computer companies can do market research through sensors connected in the cameras of devices (that have a target picture or video ad showing) that can analyse ones retina, emotive eye movement and action on the ad. After extensive sensory research with medical engineers, marketers could have access to an unbelievable amount of data that can be accessed with literally the blink of an eye. The sensors will analyse the immediate emotive response of a person to a picture or video or content which is turned into data that is used in a super computer which then further analyses which methods, colours, platforms to showcase your adverts to which people to get a successful outcome. It may also further analyse how long the person spent reading the content or looking at it etc.

This technology could be installed into phones or computers all over the world. Marketing companies already get information about your location and what you click on from Google for example so the ethical standpoint of the technology would have to be that it only switches on when participating content is revealed to the target audience and would never be allowed to record anything but the eyes. Especially in the digital age, Marketers may need a more efficient less and convenient way of gathering information without bombarding their customer.

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(Forward Thinking, 2017)


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